About Leong Hup Singapore

Leong Hup Singapore Pte Ltd (“Leong Hup Singapore”), our investment holding company in Singapore, controls the entire equity interest of Lee Say Group Pte Ltd (“Lee Say”) which was established in the 1970s. Lee Say and its group of companies are involved in the processing and selling of fresh and frozen chicken, sales and distribution of fresh duck, sales and distribution of frozen beef, mutton and seafood, manufacture and sales of processed food in Singapore.

Today, Leong Hup Singapore operates four slaughtering plants and it has the largest market share of poultry slaughtered in Singapore. Leong Hup Singapore is HACCP and ISO FSMS certified. In addition, it also obtained an ‘A’ grade for food factory grading system under the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (now known as the Singapore Food Agency).

As part of our one-stop solution business strategy in Singapore, we also own and operate several cold room facilities in certain strategic locations in Singapore. To-date, we have a total of 11 cold rooms, with a combined storage capacity of 16,450 pallets.